18" Large Red XMAS Birthday Baby Girls Doll 47cm + Outfit Anatomically Correct

Random Doll Style Sent.

NEW EXCLUSIVEAnatomically Correct DOLL


18" Baby Girls Female Doll

  • New18" Doll
  • Poseable Bending Arms,Legs and Head
  • Great Detail of Eyes,Face,Clothes and all round Perfection
  • Realistic Real Life Looking Doll
  • The Doll Eyes are Still
  • Size Height 46cm
  • Whats Included Doll + Clothes 
  • Clothes are Removable
  • All Vinyl Bodied Doll : Face & body is hard Vinyl Pvc.The rest of the doll is also Soft Vinyl Pvc
  • Heavy Weight High Quality Material Doll Weighs 1000g
  • Suitable for Age 3+