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22" Reborn Hard Vinyl Baby Girl Pink Christening Doll Clothing Accessories

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Sammar Gifts

22" Baby Girl Doll

  • Vinyl Reborn Baby Doll is Handcrafted, painted by hand. The Baby Doll is 100% Hard Vinyl
  • 22 inches from head to toe, the head and limbs are made of Hard vinyl, the body doll limbs can be active, can sit down, will not stand, can not speak, cloth doll
  • Material : Lovely Vinyl head and limbs and weighted body for real Baby feel,non-toxic and eco-friendly.
  • Body: Body touch,feel,appearance and weight is like the real thing.
  • Eyes: Imported Artificial Acryliec Eyelashes: Hand rooted Soft Dark Brown Mohair with very fine Needle and sealed from inside
  • Nose: Nostrils are Open,as if the Baby Doll is breathing
  • Mouth: The lips seem very real
  • Hair: Rooted hair Naturally similar Baby Hair
  • Nails:Natural White Tipped and Sealed finger and toe nails
  • Skin: The Baby has a lovely skin tone.This has been done by special treatment with multi-layer processes and will not fade
  • The Gift set package includes: 1 Vinyl doll,1 Set of Clothes,1 Set of logo bodysuit ,1 Feeder, 1 Diaper, 1 Milk Bottle,1 Blanket.
  • The Dark hair, it's implanted and set brown eyes, they look like a real baby's eyes , clear and bright. The eyes can't blink and close.
  • Vinyl Baby Doll has been tested by SAFE ASTM F963 and CPSIA for kids Ages 3+.

DOB: 1 Blank Birth Certificate.
Hair: Dark Long Hair
Eyes: Brown
Body: Hard vinyl
Limbs: Vinyl,moveable arms and legs
Clothes: 1 Set of Bodysuit,1 Set of Diaper,1 Set of Pink Clothes and Shorts
Package : 1 Gift Box to put the Doll in
Age Range: 3 years and up.
Dimensions:22 inches
Product Weight: 1.81Kg.

Your kids can dress up the doll with themselves whatever they want. Change cloth or the hairstyle, to be the doll's mother or sister. It will be funny and interesting. Meanwhile they can develop social skills while engaging in nurturing playtime fun.Hope you will love it.Thank you!


The Doll can Sit be washed, the limbs are washable.
Hair is washable, but please take care of it.
It would be best not to wash the clothes frequently.
Keep the doll far away from the fire.

Sammar Gifts Dollsis where the dollhouses are. From baby dolls to girl dolls. For birthday and special occasion, as a reward. Sometime MeiMei is a little baby that needs care and sometime she is a companion & best friend. They help little imaginations grow. Start feeding with the bottle and take care of when she wets the reusable diaper. Let’s your child build & explore a whole new world. Grow with Sammar Gifts Dolls!

Baby Dolls

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Nurture Time

She is a lifelike baby doll. It looks real. 22” from Head to Toe. The Doll’s Body,head, hands and feet are made of high quality all 100% Hard Vinyl.She is the perfect doll to help toddlers express themself and imagination grow. Doll play develops social skills when children practise changing her clothes, styling her hair. Every little girl loves to pretend that she is a real mum. Our doll brings this nurturing play to life.