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Bull Terrier Plush Soft Toy Dog Bisou Cuddling Fur Animal Real Puppy Sound 23cm

img{max-width:100%}NEW BOXEDBull Terrier Plush Soft Toy DogBisou Cuddling Fur Animal Real Puppy Sound 23cmDescription The cute little puppy Bisou is the best friend in the TOPModels. With its soft fur you can for snuggling and cuddling. The stuffed toy is approx 24 cm (9 Â½ ") tall x 13 x 20 cm tall and with sound sensors. Press on the marked areas of the sweet dog and see what happens!.Simply cute and wonderful to love. The cuddly fur invites you to cuddle up and feel good and the Cape makes the sweety look really fashionable. If you press him firmly and take good care of him, he will respond to you. What fun! Black, white plush dog with pink blanket and embroidery. Through touches to the head, chest and tail Bisou sounds. 3x AAA batteries included.