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RANDOM STYLE SENT**NEW PACKED**FLUSH FORCE SERIES-2 NUMBER 2 PACK Kids Games Toy Product DescriptionWhen toxic sludge oozes into the sewer system, you never know what's going to crawl up your toilet to surprise you! Inside each Flush Force 2 Pack is a duo of gross-out Flushies, waiting to escape! Take the plunge and start by filling the toilet tank with water, then put the lid on and shake to reveal your putrid Flushies inside. With mutants like these, they may even try to splash you back! Peel the toilet cover away to say "hello" to your horrid friend! With 150 foul characters from Flushville to collect there's a whole putrid town to plop into! From squishy Squirmin Vermin to colour-changing Grimy Grubs and unflushable Putrid Parts - what kind of mutant creatures will you find? Which two collectible Flush Force characters will crawl out your toilet Fill the tank with water and shake to reveal your Flushies inside With 150 characters to collect, keep an eye out for the rare and super rare Flushies If the water changes colour when you shake you've got a rare character Before Purchase & After Sales Info   -We Strive for 5 star feedback.We sell all products in good faith.If any issues do arise please do let us know -All orders are sent Same day or next Working day -If you urgently require the product to be sent same day.Please Email us and wait for confirmation from us before purchase. -Sometimes Items do get delayed in the post.Or damaged in the post.Or if you have any other issuesa or Concern.Please let us know emailing us.   14 DAY PEACE OF MIND MONEY BACK POLICY   If you not happy with your purchase. You can send back within 14 days. Provided the product is unused and in original condition. With all Packaging Material. Before returning product. Please get in touch with us, so we can advise you and Give instructions on how you can return the product. When returning your order. Please leave us a note inside with your eBay id and item number.