Official Trick or Treat Dawn of the Dead Aiport Zombie Horror Latex Mask

Official Trick or Treat

Dawn of the DeadAirport Zombie Horror Latex Mask

Sculpted by Alexander Ray

Here is the official Dawn of the Dead Airport Zombie latex mask from George A. Romero's classic zombie movie of the same name! This mask is a beautifully molded version of the makeup worn by one of the most famous zombies in cinema, the airport zombie. A great collectible for horror fans and a great costume accessory for Halloween and Zombie Walk!

Featured in the sequel to the "Living Dead" series, the Airport Zombie is arguably the most famous undead in the long history of zombie movies. Just add a plaid shirt to the full head latex mask for that movie look! Alternatively, the zombie mask with its nasty burns and eye hanging out makes a great Halloween decoration and unique collectible for connoisseurs! We also have more original fan articles

Color: Skin color / Red / Brown / Green
Size: full head mask
Material: Latex
Airport Zombie Mask according to George A. Romero
Original Dawn of the Dead mask as fan article
Made after original make-up templates
Perfect for Halloween & Zombie Walk