Official Trick or Treat Studio Childs Play 2 Chucky Good Guys Hammer Toy Prop

Official Trick or Treat Studio Childs Play 2 Chucky 

Good Guys Hammer Toy Prop

This toy hammer is officially licensed from the Child's Play movie. It's made out of wood and features the "Good Guys" logo on the side. It measures 9 inches long, making it look like a real hammer from the film. It is just a toy, so it's not intended to be used as a tool. We wouldn't recommend trying to do any home repairs with this toy hammer!

It looks normal, doesn't it? It looks like the sort of hammer you'd use to fix up a few things around the house. In the hands of Chucky, though? Well, let's just say that he doesn't intend on using to fix anything. Chucky is more likely to use a hammer to terrorize his unsuspecting victims. He'd use a hammer to cause some major destruction around the house... so we don't recommend giving it to him, but if you want to use it recreate the look from the Child's Play movie, then this replica hammer is perfect!

If you're looking to terrorize your neighborhood like Chucky, then make sure you have this Child's Play Good Guys Hammer on hand. Pair it up with any of our Chucky costumes for the complete look!