NECA 7" God of War -Kratos In Ares Armor with the Blade of Olympus Action Figure


NECA 7" God of War - Kratos 

In Ares Armor with the Blade of Olympus And The Blades of Athena Action Figure

The God of War 2 Ares Armor Kratos, stands 7" tall and features a fairly extensive array of articulation. Ares Armor Kratos is equipped with a new Blade of Olympus Sword and powered-up repaint versions of the Blades of Athena, and is accompanied by a open mouth face.A head that is interchangeable with figures from the original God of War assortment. Having defeated Ares and assumed the mantle of the God of War, Kratos is turned upon and depowered by Zeus. Now Kratos has been commissioned by Gaia to exact vengeance on the Olympians on behalf of the defeated Titans.