Official Trick or Treat Studios Evil Dead 2 Evil Ash Deluxe Mask

Official Trick or Treat and Studio


Evil Dead 2 Evil Ed Mask - Halloween Horror

EVIL DEAD 2 EVIL ASH Mask by Trick or TreatStudios. Trick or Treat Studios and Studio Canal are proud topresent, for the first time ever, the Official Evil Dead 2 Evil AshHalloween latex Mask.! The Evil Ash Mask is based on one ofthe most memorable moments in Evil Dead, the when the EvilForce take possession of Ash’s, played by the amazing BruceCampbell, body.So get your chainsaw ready and TOTS officially licensed Bookof the Dead, i.e. The Necronomicon and become an EvilForce this Halloween Night! This can be worn as a scaryhorror mask or can be used on any Horror Prop Dummy,guaranteed to scare just about anyone.An excellent product to help enhance your Halloween Hauntand put some terror and fright back into the season!! Thismask is made from high quality latex and is designed tocover the wearer’s head and neck.