Official NECA Predator 2 Ultimate Battle Damaged City Hunter 7" Action Figure

Official NECA Predator 2 Ultimate Battle Damaged City Hunter 7 Action Figure

Battle Damaged City Hunter - Just 'Blooded', the City Hunter was a cheeky young Yautja who joined the Lost Tribe for their first off-the-world hunt on Earth, 1997. Upon arrival, the tribe's veteran hunters dispersed to various parts of the planet. As decided by Elder Greyback, the ultimate quest would be for City Hunter to test his skills in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles war on drugs was expected to be ripe with challenging goals for the eager hunter who, at the time, was beyond ready to prove himself. The subtlety was an afterthought as we sported a wide range of tribe weapons and armor. He quickly became overzealous, drawing attention to himself while leaving evidence of his existence to be tracked by the CIA, all while attacking any armed human he found, worthy or not. If his killing spree had continued much longer, Warrior Depredator would have been tasked with bringing back the youth. But City Hunter's erratic methods would soon lead to his demise when he was killed in combat by Lieutenant Mike Harrigan after a grueling long duel that ended overseas on the Lost Tribe ship. With the lost tribe now reunited and the confrontation having been witnessed, City Hunter's death was deemed honorable, and the old man allowed Harrigan to leave before returning home with City Hunter's body.